About Us

We now have a new website! http://thetalkteam.com/ Please update your bookmarks! Amy Prince and Amber Ladd are partners in The TALK Team, a speech therapy practice in Fresno, CA.  We are both local girls, from the Central Valley, graduates of CSU Fresno, as are the majority of our employees!  We first started seeing children in 2006, and since that time, we have worked diligently to provide high quality, specialized services to children with a variety of speech and language needs.

Our mission is creation of communication for all children, regardless of diagnoses or ability level.  We empower our parents with knowledge and research, as well as providing support into both academic and medical environments.  We believe in providing a service to the child and family, in a holistic manner, addressing communication in all environments.  Our families often turn to us for advising in areas beyond speech and language, because of their trust in us.

In the past 10 years, we have built a team of specialists.  Our therapists are trained to address unique disorders in an intensive and focused manner.  Our practice offers diversity in service options.  We have two dually certified speech language pathologists/board certified behavior analysts who are trained to work with children with severe behavioral disorders.  Additionally, we have a fluency specialist who is in the process of being nationally recognized for her skills and additional training.  We have two therapists certified in PROMPT, a highly specialized intervention for children with Apraxia of Speech, as well as a therapist specifically trained to work with oral placement disorders and motor speech issues.  We employ a Spanish speaking therapist who also works with reading and literacy concerns.  We also have a therapist on staff who works with feeding concerns and disorders.